In addition to the wide variety of yoga class styles available at The Yoga Collective, some of our instructors are trained in other healing modalities as well.




Hypnotherapy is based in neurosomatic sciences. It is therefore concerned with the relationship of mind and body and the subjective experiences of an individual.

One’s mental, emotional and physical habits are based in the connections formed during childhood, between the neurons in the brain. Neuropathways are formed, dissolved and recreated through message repetition and intense emotional events or trauma. These experiences are rooted in the subconscious mind in the right side of the brain.

Understanding the subconscious is the best way of getting to know oneself. It composes roughly 90% of the mind and houses one’s imagination, memories, emotions and autonomic nervous system.

We often have very clear wishes and goals, but these often feel obstructed and difficult to achieve because of old programming and mental habits.

Hypnosis slows down brain waves from the conscious beta state to an alpha or a theta state. This allows the subconscious mind, and all that it holds, to come forward.

When one gains access to repressed memories and emotions in this manner, profound physiological and emotional healing and transformation can occur rapidly.

Hypnotherapy is proactive, in that the client uses hypnosis to access their own powerful abilities to facilitate permanent change.

Appointments are available by e-mailing Meredith Brown at or by calling 519.272.9679.

Massage Therapy


Margot's practice incorporates many disciplines to assist the body in trauma recovery and increased flexibility and range of motion in soft tissues and joints. Swedish Massage, Trigger Points, Reiki, Reflexology, Ultrasound, Electromagnetic Therapy (TEWS) and Lymphatic Drainage are all used by Margot to help clients achieve maximum health and well being.

Appointments are available by calling Margot Pronovost at 519.348.9686.

Massage Therapy


I grew up in Mississauga and trained at Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School in Toronto, Ontario where I began my practice in January of 2015.

In high school, I was inspired to become a massage therapist because it was at that point in my life when I became acutely aware of how much serious stress there was in the world. Not only the stress itself, but how it was negatively affecting people. With my innate desire to want to help people, my fascination for anatomy and wanting to work with my hands combined, it seemed clear that the path toward a massage therapy profession was for me. Of course, it was a path I would embark upon later once I got a good load of traveling out of my system.

With almost 4 years in, I have fallen deeper in love with what I do. It is so rewarding to connect with people and to observe all the positive effects that massage therapy can have on one's personal wellness journey.

I have experience working with athletes, children, pregnant women, and clients challenged with a wide range of conditions including arthritis, sciatica, TMJ, insomnia, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, migraines, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and general soft tissue dysfunctions to name a few.

I work with the intention to offer effective treatments that relieves chronic pain and tension, decrease stress, improve posture, and ensure fast recovery from injuries. I use techniques such as deep tissue Swedish massage, myofasical release, joint mobilizations, hydrotherapy, trigger point release, and passive stretching.

Coupled with my yoga therapy training, I am passionate about helping you reach your healthcare and wellness goals by offering efficient and mindful self-care practices that you can do at home to promote your long-term physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In my spare time, I enjoy practicing yoga and dance, hiking, cooking, doing research in my field, & spending time with my family and friends.

Booking morning, afternoon, and evening appointments on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and every other Sunday.

If you would like to book an appointment or if you have any questions, feel free to text or call me at: 647.938.7638, or e-mail me at :

Shin So Shiatsu Massage


‘Shin So’ means deeper level or deeper layer. Shin So Shiatsu is Tetsuro Saito's natural progression of the pioneering work accomplished by Masunaga Sensei and is steeped in the tradition of Zen style or Meridian based Shiatsu.

Shin So Shiatsu focuses on the assessment and treatment of all the meridian systems, or energy pathways in the body. Shin So diagnostic techniques make it possible to detect imbalances in these energy pathways. Meridian-based Shiatsu therapy derives its success from sensitivity to changes along the course of the meridian pathway.

Imbalances, if left unchecked, can create health problems. Imbalances are like weak places in the foundation of a house. If the foundation is weak, everything built on top is unstable and vulnerable.

By finding and correcting these imbalances in a massage session, we create a strong foundation in the body for optimal health. We work to balance the energy so that it flows freely throughout all areas of the body.

Sessions are approximately 1.5 Hr in length. Clients enjoy a full body treatment in comfortable, stretchy clothes and leave feeling deeply relaxed and at peace.

Appointments are available by e-mailing Meredith Brown at or by calling 519.272.9679.